Your home’s roof is a critical part of the overall structure. It not only keeps the weather out, but it also helps to insulate your home from the outdoor temperatures. If you’ve noticed a problem such as a leak, you may be inclined to try and patch it up yourself. However, you could always end up making the problem worse. Unless you’re an expert in roof repairs, you’re always better off calling in for help. Here’s how you can tell if you need home roof repairs and why you should call a professional. 

Does My Roof Need to Be Repaired?

It’s easy to avoid home repairs if they don’t seem like an immediate issue. However, there are a few signs that you need to fix up your roof before it starts to affect other parts of your home.

First of all, have you noticed any new musty odors? That could be a sign of mold or water getting into your ceiling space. You may also notice visible water damage on your ceiling. 

If your roof is retaining water, you’ll notice sagging spots that could lead to a total collapse if left unchecked. 

One way to tell that your roof needs to get repaired is if your energy bills have spiked in recent months. A roof should naturally reflect sunlight. If it’s failing to do so, that could affect your bills and may lead to your HVAC system breaking down. 

Risks of DIY Repairs

Taking care of your home is one of the many responsibilities that come with owning one. However, that doesn’t mean you have to fix its problems with your own two hands. You may save money by performing a DIY repair job, but it comes with many risks in turn. 

Bad Repair Job

Even if you’ve done some basic jobs around the house, that doesn’t mean you’re qualified to repair or replace a roof. Most professionals in the industry have spent many hours working with other contractors to hone their craft. They know the best way to install new roofing, the safest way to do it, and other considerations.

You can read and watch all the online tutorials you can find, but you still won’t have the same kind of experience as a roofing expert. As such, any work you do may end up flawed and incomplete. Mistakenly believing you’ve fixed the issue can result in much worse damage later on. 

Safety Risks

Do you know how to assess the overall safety of a roof that you’re about to repair? After all, you’ll need to stand and kneel on top of your house in order to fix the roof. 

Even if you’re cautious, you could lose your balance and fall off. Most people end up injuring themselves while doing home repairs with a ladder. Any water damage could also weaken the structure and give way underneath your weight. 

Instead of risking your health and safety, call in for professional home roof repairs. 

Lengthy Repair Time

Anyone that’s done home repairs before knows how long it can take to do much bigger jobs. Something as simple as fixing a sink is quicker done alone rather than waiting for your plumber to be available. Constructing an entire patio can take weeks, if not months, depending on your free time. 

Repairing a roof takes longer because most homeowners aren’t experienced at it. Most people also have day jobs and can’t afford to do home repairs full time. 

When you call in for a professional roofing service, you’re getting an expert in the field that will work all day while you’re at your own work. 

Higher Cost

On the surface, hiring for your home roof repairs is going to cost more than the cost of the materials at your local hardware store. However, you’re also paying for the manpower and expertise. 

If you do the job yourself, you’re likely going to miss one or two things and not do as good of a job. This can result in leaks or recurring damage, which can result in your roof in much worse shape than when you started. 

Voided Warranty

In Georgia, new homeowners are protected from home defects for a certain amount of time after it’s constructed and bought. There’s a certain timeframe that allows for claims against the builder for any defects. Additionally, a claim for breach of contract can be brought up within six years of finding the defect. 

Failure to hire a contractor to assess and repair your roof can result in a voided warranty. This is partly because any issues with your roof could be blamed on your home repair efforts, even if they existed beforehand. It also gives your claim more credibility if a roofing professional has also seen the problem. 

How Often Does a Roof Need to Be Repaired?

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should get your roof checked at least twice every year. You may also need to get repairs done depending on weather conditions, such as during Hurricane season. 

If your building has roof access that is regularly used, you may need to get it checked more often. It’s also important to stay aware of your home’s condition between scheduled maintenance. Problems can pop up at any time. 

When deciding on a roofing company, gather referrals from people you know, check their credentials, and consider the services they offer. It can help to look at online reviews as well as their social media pages. 

Hiring for Home Roof Repairs

As much as you may trust your DIY and/or construction skills, you most likely don’t have the same kind of equipment and experience as a professional roofing company. It’s always best to leave home roof repairs to the experts that make their money doing that kind of work. 

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