There’s a good chance that we tend to oversee the obvious on a regular, daily basis. For instance, when you think of gutters, you might not even think about why gutters are important for your roof. And that’s a real shame since they represent one of the most effective pieces of your home’s protection against extreme weather. In the article you’re about to read, we’ll illustrate why gutters are essential to your roof and why you shouldn’t overlook them.

What do gutters actually do?

The standard definition of a gutter is a metal (usually – aluminum) pipe that goes along the edge of your home’s roof and helps carry rainwater away from it. To phrase it differently: they’re there to divert the water and ensure it doesn’t seep into areas where it really shouldn’t. Water flowing into your foundation can undermine your home’s structure and weaken everything supporting it. Without gutters, your home’s exposed to a plethora of issues that will probably turn out pretty costly to repair. Imagine if your roof got overflown with water. It’s not only the leaks we’re talking about; it’s also the rotting, the appearance of mold and mildew, etc. A whole bunch of nasty stuff that only professional roofers should handle.

Gutters viewed from the inside

Gutters protect your yard (and even your neighbor’s yard)

It’s not like gutters only protect your home’s foundation or the attic, but they also keep your yard in check. Without properly functioning gutters, the rainwater can easily cut pathways through your home’s yard and form ditches or pooling in low-lying areas. This is what the experts from advise about gutters. And not only that, they add, but the very same thing can also happen to your neighbor’s yard if your gutters are missing or malfunctioning. If not diverted, rainwater can even kill lawns, flows, and other forms of vegetation in your and your neighbor’s yard. So, take care of your gutters to ensure you and the neighbors stay on good terms.

Types of gutters

Next, we will consider the types of gutters a person can find on various roofs. The styles have a different look but primarily the same function. Here’s what you’re able to choose from.

One-piece gutters

One-piece gutters are the most common type of gutters on roofs around the US. It’s the traditional type of gutter that most homeowners install on their roofs. We can differentiate between a no-slope gutter with a roll former and the custom-made one-piece gutters designed especially for a specific structure. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Two-piece gutters

Since they’re a bit more complex than their one-piece counterparts, they require professionals to install them. Mainly because they could function properly. But also because it’s not safe to install them on your own. Roofing professionals have to utilize some profound waterproofing techniques to prevent infiltration in the joining between your home’s two-piece gutter and the apron.

Built-in gutters

These are mostly found on older roofs. They’re also called gutter liners; you’ll recognize them easily since they’re placed on the lower edge of a home’s roof.

Double bottom or shell and liner gutters

Last but not least, we’ve got double bottom gutters, recognizable by the decorative outside shell and the thinner gutter liners on the inside.

You’ll want to consult professional roofers to decide which of these is a perfect match for your home.

Two houses next to each other with gutters

How to maintain your gutters

Here we’ll introduce how you can maintain your gutters just so they remain functional. As already mentioned, gutters are important for your roof and your home’s well-being in general. 

#1 Clean them regularly

It would be best to clean your gutters every now and then (once in a few months) to guarantee that rainwater can flow freely. So, how does one go about this activity? Well, you’ll want to utilize a gutter trowel to scoop the fallen leaves and debris out of your home’s gutters. Once that process is over, you’ll want to flush the gutters with a hose to see if the water flow’s alright. If you’re not so comfy getting up a ladder and doing this yourself, contact the professionals to handle the task.

A stylish roof gutter system

#2 Prepare gutters for winter

Before the coldest season arrives at your doorstep, some tasks must be done. One of them includes making sure your home is winter-ready. Your home’s gutter system is sensitive, and you’ll need to prepare it for the cold properly. Besides pre-winter cleaning, you’ll need to inspect your gutter for signs of tear and wear. Also, you’ll need to make sure that your gutters are adequately aligned since you don’t want any standing water inside them once winter temperatures hit. 

#3 Gutter guards to the rescue

Gutter guards? What’s that? Gutter guards are devices that go over or inside your gutters and keep them clean from leaves, twigs, and other debris that might end up there. With these in place, you won’t have to scoop and rinse the inside of your home’s gutter system; you’ll only have to brush the leaves and debris off your gutter guards.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many reasons why gutters are important for your roof. Now you know why this piece of your home’s “defense system” is so crucial. Just don’t forget to take care of it properly. However, if there’s anything you can’t do by yourself for this or that reason, make sure you contact pros to handle the task. By regularly maintaining your home’s gutter system, you’ll ensure that no money from your wallet will be spent on costly repairs often associated with roofing issues.