There is no way to avoid the stress of home renovations, no matter what type of renovation you are doing – with nothing will the aforementioned statement be more accurate than with roof replacement. This procedure takes time, and throughout the whole process, your home is exposed and vulnerable. Many things can go wrong. This may discourage some people from doing any work on their roofs, even if it will cause them more problems in the long run. While we can’t completely alleviate your stress, we can at least tell you how to prepare your Atlanta home for a roof replacement.

Inspect Your Property

It is good to check your property for any damage the day before your roof replacement. It would be best if you looked for ripped window screens, any dents in the gutters, cracks in the wall, or any other existing damage. This way, you will be able to keep track of any pre-existing damage to your home. Furthermore, it would also be a good idea to inspect all of the parts of your home that are not damaged. 

A roofer replacing a roof

It would be best to take photographs of everything before the replacement procedure starts. This is important because sometimes it’s hard to differentiate good roofers from bad ones, and you need to protect yourself either way. A good roofing contractor will ensure that no harm comes to your home during the job. Even if they cause any damage, they will hone up to it and try to mend the problem. However, if you choose the wrong contractor, you may not get the same courtesy.

Do A Bit Of Setup Before The Roofers Arrive

If possible, you should identify all of your roof’s access points. Determine that the path to the roof is clear. You will save the roofers’ time if you do this ahead of time. When it comes to roof replacements, time is of the essence, especially in emergency situations. You don’t want the procedure to take any longer than it has to. The professionals know it as well. As a result, such preparations will always be welcomed by roofers who come to work on your roof.

Identifying all of your outdoor outlets will make life easier for the roofers. As a result, they will know exactly where to plug in their gear. There must be a way to run extension cords safely if no exterior outlets are available. While roofers won’t need to enter your home to perform their work, interior outlets may be required. To avoid a tangled mess or a trip hazard, locate these in advance so that the roofers can access power through a window or a door to the outside.

Prepare Your Atlanta Home For A Roof Replacement By Focusing On The Exterior

No matter what type of roof you want to install, there will always be debris. Putting up a new roof involves a lot of shingles and nails. If any nails fall from the roof, they can cause problems. You could step on them and injure yourself or drive over them and get a flat tire. Roofing professionals usually clean up after they are done working on a roof. They use devices with solid magnets and specific nail-picking rolling instruments to catch all the nails that may have fallen off of the roof. However, even after that, there could be nails left behind.

A bunch of silver nails

As a result, you should mow your lawn to a short length before installing your roof. This will assist both you and the roofers in locating any missing nails. Additionally, If you have a satellite on your roof, you should consult with your cable company to have it relocated. Cover flowerbeds and landscaping around your home with tarps or plastic to protect them from dust and debris.

Prepare The Interior Of Your Home

While your primary worry is access and falling debris on the outside of your house, the most significant issues inside your home will be the noise and vibration caused by all of the work on your roof. The loud noises and vibrations may be terrifying to little children and just unpleasant for everyone else. Your first worries should be your family and pets, who will have to deal with the noise. Because of this, the best thing you could do is to stay somewhere else during roof replacement. If you have vacation days, now is the time to use them. 

A storage unit hallway

The second thing to consider is your possessions. You should remove everything from your walls. Make sure that you have a safe place to put any delicate goods, such as china or porcelain figurines. Fragile items should not be in contact with one another. If you want to make sure, however, that no harm comes to any of your furniture or possession, the best thing you can do is move them out of the house. You can easily find furniture movers in Atlanta who can handle the heavy lifting for you. Whether moving them into a storage unit or somewhere else, it doesn’t matter. It is okay as long as your valuable possessions are not in the house.

Remove Any Valuables From The Attic

And the last thing we are going to touch on when talking about how to prepare your Atlanta home for a roof replacement is attic preparation. Experienced roofers will work hard to reduce the amount of dust and debris generated during the construction of your roof. However, you have to keep in mind that roofing is just as messy as any other renovation project. This means there will undoubtedly be a lot of dust and debris, and the attic will take the brunt of it all. If you keep any heirlooms or valuables in your attic, consider relocating them to a more secure location for the time being. If particular things are too large or heavy to transport, consider covering them with drop cloths or a plastic sheet to keep dust and shingle debris at bay.