Did you know that the roofing industry is supposed to reach 253 square miles by 2024? What is driving this increase in installing new roofs, or repairing your old ones? 

Roof repair is becoming more common as poor installation and severe weather impact the structures of your house. Deciding between a roof repair and replacement is a big challenge that can be costly.

It is important to know the difference so that you can be prepared in the upcoming months against harsh weather and unforeseen accidents. 

Roof Repair

A roof repair is essentially fixing your old one. Things such as hail, water, and wind can easily cause damage to your roof. 

Repairing your roof can prevent premature replacement – avoiding issues like small holes and unhinged shingles can cause permanent damage in the long run. Usually, water will settle into the weakened areas and lead to mold or weakened structural parts. 

This can lead to an unsafe living environment in your home, and you might notice detrimental health effects from breathing in mold. If you experience high winds and severe storms in your neighborhood, it is important to check your roof afterward to make sure that something did not go unnoticed.

This can safely be done by observing from the outside of your home or by contacting a roofer. 

Roof Replacement

Roof problems can eventually lead to a full replacement. This will usually be more expensive than simple fixes, so it is important to be sure you need it replaced. If you have extensive roof damage, higher energy bills, or are looking at selling your home, then consider replacing it. 

Trying to replace, or fix, a roof on your own is dangerous and not advised. It is important that if you have damage, you call a professional roof company to come out to inspect. 

However, small things like your energy bills increasing can be indicators that your roof is wearing out. When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to call a roof contractor. 

What Is a Roof Inspection?

Can you inspect a roof by yourself? Yes and no. You shouldn’t climb onto your roof to inspect the damage – leave that to the professionals.

If you have binoculars, you can use that to zero in on specific spots on your roof. Be sure you check out the parts of your roof that face the sun the most. This is usually in the western or southern parts; it is common to see more wear and tear on these areas as they receive more sun damage. 

You can also easily check how the shingles look with a cheap pair of binoculars. If you see worn-down spots or curled edges, take note and call a roof contractor. 

Additionally, you should always hire a roofer before selling your home. They can inspect your roof before potential buyers come and advise on any repairs or replacement that is needed. You’ll also be given an upfront cost on what repairs are needed – look for reliable companies to make sure you are given a fair cost. 

How Long Should My Roof Last?

If you’re a new homeowner, you might be wondering how long your roof should last. There are basic timeframes to follow with roofs, but keep in mind that unseen weather, like hurricanes, can always cause early damage and repairs. 

On average, your roof should last a lot longer than other appliances in your home. Your roof should have a lifespan of 50 years if you choose slate, copper, or tile materials.

The lifespan decreases with different materials, such as wood shake, fiber cement, or asphalt shingles. These materials range from 25 to 30 years and it’s not uncommon for your roof to need to be replaced after 30 years when selling a home. 


Emergencies happen and roof damage can cause serious risks to your house. It is important that you have a trusted company on hand that can help you with any immediate concerns. 

Living in a hurricane zone can also place you at an increased risk for roof damage. Some signs that you need to contact a roof contractor immediately are if a tree falls onto your home, high winds have ripped off shingles, or water is leaking in. 

Trees and high winds can cause integrity issues with the home and eventually lead to water damage. However, sometimes water damage goes unnoticed after a big storm. Water damage can cause bigger issues down the road such as mold, so it is important to look for any water leaking in or have a consult. 

Fires can also quickly cause damage. You should evacuate the home if it requires it and have a roofer inspect the integrity of the structure, especially if the fire was in the attic. 

Having a skilled team available on an emergency call basis will help give you peace of mind when faced with difficult circumstances. 

Where to Go Next

Whether you are faced with an emergency or just need your roof replaced after 30 years, then a professional roof repair service is necessary.

A roof repair can save you thousands of dollars down the road and help keep you and your family safe. Are you struggling to know what to do next following a hurricane or high winds? 

Having a team with emergency on-call services is a must. You want to be able to trust someone that has your back no matter the time of day. 

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