It is always imperative to keep your home’s roof in good condition. Unfortunately, this can be difficult, given that things can often go wrong with it. One of the few things you can do to increase your chances is to learn how exactly your roof can give out on you. So, here are seven common problems with residential roofs!

Damaged shingles

The first of the common problems with residential roofs are damaged shingles. The most commonly seen types of residential roofs consist of asphalt, ceramic, and slate tiles, followed by wood and then metal roofs. Among these types, the overwhelmingly more popular option is asphalt shingles, simply because they are cheap and easy to install or replace. Still, you shouldn’t do your own home roof repairs even if you have this type of roof since it is potentially dangerous. The weakness all top three roofing materials share is that shingles can be easily damaged. All it takes are strong winds which can pick up debris or litter, and there is a high chance that your roof will suffer at least some wear.


Another common problem with residential roofs is leaks. They are pretty much one of the worst problems your roof can cause you. This is because they are not easily noticeable, unlike most other forms of roof damage. If you use your attic just for storage and do not visit it very often, the problem can go unnoticed for far too long. Not to mention that unless you visit your attic during rainfall, the only possible clue that you have leaks would be leftover moisture or, if the leaks are particularly pronounced, puddles. Of course, if the leaks are so severe, you will be able to see streams of light leaking through your roof. This is one of the best ways to tell that you do indeed have a large leak.

Faulty installation

There are a few common problems with residential roofs as frustrating as faulty installation. It means that the money you put into your roof is wasted just because your contractors had made a mistake. In this scenario, the only thing you can do is pack up your belongings once again, compare storage companies in the area to find the best fit for your needs within your price range, and then move out while your roof is being repaired. After all, it is unwise to leave your stuff in a home without a roof protecting it. Of course, you should make sure to find a better roofing company. The best thing to do is ask for previous customer references to gauge their quality of work.

Moss, mold, or other growth

Growth on your roof? The idea sounds outlandish, doesn’t it? However, it is a widespread problem for residential roofs in areas with high humidity and frequent rainfall. This is particularly troubling if you have a wood roof. While it is more robust and long-lasting than some of the cheaper options, it is also more susceptible to this. It is also problematic that many people ignore growth on their roof even when they spot it. What can a little moss or mold do, right? Wrong! In reality, it can easily loosen your shingles, weaken them, or even displace them entirely. That’s not even mentioning the particularly troubling growths like ivy, which some people allow on their homes for ‘aesthetic’ reasons. YOu should never ignore the growth of any type on a roof since it can eventually even start making your roof rot.

Faulty flashing

Problems with flashing are also among those that are difficult to spot. Flashing is a material used to prevent water from slipping between cracks and openings of a roof. It bridges the connections between your roof and chimney or any other installation. However, it is also very easy to miss the problem when the flashing comes apart and is no longer doing a good job. The challenge is identical to noticing leaks. Also, any issues with flashing will directly cause leaking. This is also one of the reasons why you should get a roof inspection before buying a home since you will want to know whether you need to quickly fix the flashing on your new roof before even moving in.

Problems caused by skylights or chimney

Unfortunately, the installations on your roof can cause problems of their own. Just think of all the issues your windows can cause you. The warping or rotting of frames, shrinking and expanding due to heat or cold, etc. Well, all of these can happen to your skylights, too. When a window is installed directly onto your roof, any problem with it also leads to the rapid development of leaks. If snow or debris accumulates on your skylight too much, they can even make it crack. Cracks can also develop in your chimney and are just one of the myriad problems which can stem from it. If your chimney starts to topple for whatever reason, it is also guaranteed to do massive damage to your roof.

Maintenance demands

A usual problem with residential roofs is how much maintenance they can require. You need to clean, inspect, and repair your roof regularly to keep it in good condition. This is tricky for more reasons than one. First, this can be dangerous for anyone without proper skills and knowledge. Second, you may not be able to do a good job due to a lack of skill. Finally, things go wrong even if you do everything right and force you to look for an experienced and reliable roof repair service anyway. So, it is often best to rely on them from the start.

Final comment

Now that you are familiar with the seven common problems with residential roofs, you will be able to look out for them! Any timely identification of a problem can spare you a lot of expenses and simplify the repairs needed. So, keep an eye on your roof, and always contact experts for help!